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Now That You are Divorced, Here are the Things You Should Change in Your New Home

Walking out of a marriage where there is no longer love or trust is courageous, but it is extremely difficult. When you leave, you are not just separating from your former partner. You also break away from the life you built together. Although a short marriage does not make a divorce easy, it may become harder to readjust to new habits and routines after years of being with your ex.

But, now, you can start over. With your spouse gone, you have the freedom to revamp your entire house based on your own personal style, no one else’s.

Cull the Things You Do Not Need

The division of belongings is part of every divorce proceedings. If you were lucky to have a peaceful break with your ex, you likely would not need the court or any third party to mediate the process of taking back what is yours. However, in many cases, couples need a reliable divorce attorney by their side to fight and retrieve an asset in front of a judge.

It can be rough. At the end of it, you will find that you have way too many things that you do not really want nor need. So, the first thing you must do is to purge objects from your marriage that you should not bring into your new life as a single person.

What you should throw away depends on you, but do not let sentiment decide what stays and what goes. Think of function, or whether you like the item or not. For example, a bookshelf your partner built for you may need to go because it is too big for your new space or the color of the wood used does not go with anything else in the house. Getting rid of these objects will remove the emotional baggage associated with it, especially now that you are trying to heal from the separation.

However, it is also important to allow yourself to keep a few pieces that you cherish. You can still have a few photos of your and your ex from a trip to Hawaii, for example, or a couch that you bought together and you like. You do not have to get rid of everything that reminds you of your ex.

Shop for New Bedroom Essentials

The things you use to sleep need to be replaced because they hold the scent of their owners for a really long time. You should not deal with all that. Get a new set of pillows and pillowcases in fun colors and patterns. Get a new mattress, too. It can feel lonely sleeping alone in a bed that is meant for multiple people. Buy a mattress that is perfect for your size and comfort.

While you are purging some things in the bedroom, take it as an opportunity to give it a makeover. Style it in a way that makes you feel comfortable and will reflect your personality. Marriage can turn bedroom styling a little dull because you have to consider your partner’s preferences to the overall design. To appease both parties, people settle with what is standard. There is nothing that can make you feel cozy and relaxed than spending time in a room that looks and feels like yours.

home interior

The Wall is Your Canvas

It can be tricky to remove traces of your past in a house filled with memories. If you are staying in the house where you and your ex used to live, there is not much you can do to transform the look of the entire property unless you are willing to spend a lot of money.

However, painting your walls a new color can make a huge difference. A fresh coat of paint can make a room look new. Do this in the entire house. If you have plans to live in the property for the foreseeable future, do not be afraid to go for bold colors. Deep greens and warm pinks are not often seen in marital homes. For the space of a bachelor/bachelorette, it is totally acceptable to have.

Bring Nature In… and Pets

Plants have the capacity to relax the body and the mind. Studies have shown that being around nature is good for mental health. It improves the mood and lower hormones associated with stress.

Therefore, having plants indoors can ensure your well-being. A divorce is a nerve-wracking experience. You would need to help to calm yourself down when emotions and negative thoughts start to become overwhelming. Plants can do that for you.

You also now have the space in your home and in your heart for pets. Studies have proven that having pets can lower your blood pressure, decrease stress, and have overall better health. A pet loves you unconditionally, and taking care of them pushes you to stop wallowing in sadness and get up from bed every morning.

If you have kids, having pets can help them cope with the divorce, too.

Going through a divorce is one of the emotionally and physically exhausting things that you will have to do in your entire life. But, it is also a new start. Redecorating your home is only the first step toward a better future.

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