Parenting Australian Teens: How to Guide Gen Z’s Young Adult Years

Teenagers these days are a different kind from their predecessors. Nonetheless, they are capable of achieving more improvement than those before them, as long as they are rightly guided and supported in their journey toward growing up.

Find a good and stable home base

It has been proven that the neighborhood a child grows up in well into their pubescent years has a significant impact on their development. It can determine their habits, attitudes, and tendencies to lean toward vices or other unwanted acts.

In places like Donnybrook, real estate leans on what the community as a whole has to offer for families and would-be homeowners looking to settle in. The key to creating a harmonious environment is finding a good place that is conducive for their growth and offers a lot for them to explore healthily.

Once you’ve found a location that fits your needs as a family and provides nearby resources and establishments that cater to your lifestyle, ensure that this is your home base. Studies show that the psychology and coping skills of a teen can depend on how stable and constant their idea of home is. So, it would be best to avoid moving around too much and find a core place they can identify as a safe space to go back to.

Open communication on their concerns

There has been a growing worry in young Australians about their future, self-consciousness about their looks, and fear of bullying environments. These three concerns have seen an increase in the universal consciousness of youths in Australians of the new generation, starting from as young as seven years old and becoming ever more prominent once they hit the teen years. With the advent of social media, more avenues push these anxieties forward.

To help them navigate these feelings, make sure that you encourage open communication in your household and that you foster a sense of support, motivation, and validation. You can even use this increased consciousness and help them turn it into a positive self-awareness that allows them to be their best self. Creating this healthy environment is crucial in their puberty stage, as it can define how they will start their adult years.

Harness their connection with technology

A sad young woman with a group of friends occupied with modern technology.

Technology has become so ingrained in modern society that it would be detrimental to try and steer your teens away from gadgets and all things digital. Instead, learn how you can use their intrinsic connection to tech to empower them and help them learn more in life.

Lots of tools and resources are now available to kids because of the Internet and a lot of gadgetry. That can be used to help them hone their talents and pursue their interests, whether it’s science, math, programming, art, dancing, or anything under the sun.

Being part of their journey positively will also make them keener to listen to you when you establish limits for their safety online. That can also make it easier to set times and schedules that can help balance screen time with outside interaction.

There are a lot of the ins and outs to raising a teenager, especially as they face a different world today than their parents did years ago. But with the right mindset, everything can fall into place.

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