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Top Food Destinations in Metro Manila

The capital of the Philippines, Manila is a major transportation hub for arriving and departing flights. Local and foreign tourists alike usually stop by the city en route to somewhere else. And for those who want to really experience the bustling metropolis, there is plenty to do. One is to go on a food trip.

Here are some of the food destinations you should include in your itinerary while in Manila.


Like in many countries around the world, the Philippines has its own Chinatown. Binondo not only provides a glimpse of the country’s Chinese heritage and history, but it is also a popular food destination. The neighborhood is home to many restaurants that serve authentic Chinese dishes. The servings are just right and the prices budget-friendly. Try the noodles, rice meals, dimsum, and of course, the Eng Bee Tin hopia.


This haven in Alabang is a fine place to eat, drink, and be merry. Different establishments call it home and many customers patronize their food. Try local cuisine, fusion, or Western dishes during your stay. It is an ideal spot for those living in or near the southern part of Metro Manila. The open area allows you to take a walk and lets you digest the food and go for another round.


Makati has many food spots, clubs, cafes, and restaurants, all of which you can visit whenever you just want to hang out and eat. One place to visit while in the metro is Poblacion. The district is a nightlife hotspot where locals, travelers, and expats go bar hopping. You will find different kinds of food here that cater to various tastes. Traffic is terrible at night, though, whether it is a weekday or weekend.

Burgos Circle

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If you are looking for posh places to eat, look no further than Burgos Circle in Taguig. The district is just a few kilometers from Makati and is also a commercial hub. There are many offices that call this area home. That is why you will see expats weaving in and out of its buildings. Burgos Circle has plenty of restaurants and bars for those with a bigger budget. Some places are just chill and intimate, perfect for close groups of friends or couples.


The south is not the only place to get good food. Quezon City has its own foodie neighborhood, Maginhawa. The street is a popular destination for both students and employees looking for affordable and delicious food. The area is laidback compared to the bustling cities of Makati and Manila. Get your fix of local and Western food here.

Tomas Morato

This part of Quezon City is a popular place to go drinking and clubbing. You will also find many restaurants and cafes in this district. Take your pick of Western, local, and Asian cuisine. You have plenty of options for a night out.

When looking for sedan rentals and planning your itinerary, do not forget about these food destinations in the metro. Taste the best food the country has to offer by visiting these spots.

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