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Reasons for Bad Hotel Reviews and What You Can Do About Them

No matter what business you’re running, the reviews you get from your clients can have an impact on your brand. You may not think much of it, but more and more consumers conduct due diligence before trusting a brand. This is why it becomes a must that you gather all the positive reviews you can get and resolve all the negative ones asap.

In the hospitality industry, guests perform due diligence before booking a room or two. They are not only concerned about their convenience but their health and safety as well. If you own or run a hotel, then the following are some of the things that cause your guests to give you a bad rating and what you can do to address each:

Misleading marketing tactics

One of the few things that can get you more guests is by posting picture-perfect marketing images on your website and social media. But if you do too much editing that it already makes your hotel look ten times better, then you can’t expect guests to leave you with an excellent rating. So make sure that your marketing tactics are not far from reality. Never mislead guests into thinking that the rooms are pristine, clean and perfect, only to walk into a whole different world after checking in.

Unkempt rooms

Nothing can turn off a guest fast and easy than giving them a dirty room to stay in. So make sure that you clean and sanitize each room regularly. If necessary maintenance or repairs are in order, then don’t think of them as an expense but as an investment. For instance, you always get bad reviews for your old, outdated, and dirty bathroom walls. Instead of exhausting your staff, you can opt to renovate and install a wet wall on each bathroom to give them a nice updated look that is fairly easy to maintain.

Billing errors

No one would want to spend unnecessary time and energy fighting over a billing error. Any mistake you make can add to your negative reviews, and a billing error is something no guests would want to deal with. So double-check the billing details and have your customers verify the billing statement before charging them. It pays to take advantage of a simplified and automatic billing process to reduce billing errors in the future.

Rude or careless staff

hotel staffNo one would want to stay in a hotel where the staff is either rude or careless. If you constantly receive reports that some staff is being rude, make sure that you address them asap. The same goes for careless employees. Simple mistakes can be tolerated, but if you’re paying a premium for a product or service, you’ll expect the staff to be careful in everything they do or say.

These are only a few things that can force your guests to leave a bad review. Remember that every review counts and that the more positive reviews you get, the better. Don’t let your business suffer due to avoidable mistakes. Make your hotel as guest-friendly as possible, and you can improve your customer satisfaction rating. Keep your hotel safe, clean, comfortable, and appealing by avoiding the items on this list.

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