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Why Some Rooms in Your House Feel Like a Sauna

Do you have that one room in your home that feels uncomfortably hot? This situation constantly happens in that area, no matter how much you crank up the AC or try to adjust your central air? If you don’t want to improve the home temperature for that one room that’s like a sauna, you may want to find out the root cause of why it’s so hot. Here are some likely reasons you should explore so that you can get it fixed in a jiffy.

A broken heater

Though broken heaters are usually associated with a lack of heat, they can also cause too much heat to be produced. Various reasons can lead to and create this, but some of the most common ones include a broken thermostat and electrical malfunctions.

For the thermostat, you should check if your heater is getting the right information on what temperature your room is. If the readings are coming out lower than the actual temp, your heater will continue to produce more heat because of the room being read as cooler than it is in reality.

If it’s an electrical issue or a wiring problem, it’s safer to get a professional to look into it so that you don’t risk your wellness and possibly cause further damage. Heating experts in Park City, Utah, have notedly followed practices that can help identify heater problems and whether the solution is a repair or a replacement.

Bad airflow

This issue can be attributed to multiple factors, mainly with your air ducts and ventilation.

For air vents across your home, you need to make sure that they don’t have a build-up of dust and debris. A clogged vent will hamper good airflow throughout the house. Check if this is apparent in the rooms that you find particularly hot. Make sure that you have enough return vents and that they are well-maintained. Additionally, it’s good to ensure that you have enough windows with proper placement throughout the house to promote natural ventilation.

Your ducts can also contribute to terrible airflow if they are dirty, unbalanced, or have leaks. Make sure to have these checked so that they can be adjusted and cleaned properly. You will also need some help with repairs if the ductwork is leaking.

Poor insulation

Fibreglass insulation installed in the sloping ceiling of a timber house.

Improper distribution of heat throughout the home causes unbalanced temperatures, which is why it’s essential to have adequate insulation throughout the house. Although insulation is often thought of as an important addition to bring warmth (because it is), it is also a crucial installation in the home to maintain temperature levels properly.

Without enough insulation in ducts, ceilings, and walls throughout the house, a lot more heat will build up and create that mass of warmth that makes those rooms uncomfortable to be in.

Once you identify which of these problems is causing the room or rooms to be unbearably hot, you should enact the proper solution. Addressing the issue will be much simpler, and you can find your relief and comfort quickly.

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