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Running a Sandwich Shop: The Perfect Recipe for Success

Are you so serious about running your own sandwich shop? You know the road towards a new business, much less its success, can be a rocky one. You have many “safer” options like a sandwich shop franchise.

But if your decision to put that unique sandwich making skill away from the kitchen and out to the world is strong, then go for it! But it is wise to consider many aspects of a successful business.

1. Study your potential customers

Knowing those people who will drop by and have a great time with that delectable sandwich is crucial. Who will you potentially attract? How frequent will they buy? Will they find your shop a good alternative to eating somewhere or bringing their own food? You need to adjust too with your customers as they are the boss.

2. Maintain quality of your sandwich

To maintain that delectable taste, you have to have quality ingredients. Research about the best tasting sandwiches. Know more about their ingredients. Buy from shops or supermarkets that offer quality ingredients. And do not forget to do a taste test with friends.

3. Choose a staff who love food

Workers that enjoy food will definitely enjoy doing their job and dealing with customers. It is pertinent that they know the customers’ different taste buds. They should be happy to serve them. Customers should be happy too about eating at your shop.

4. Set high cleanliness and safety standards

You are serving food. Your food should be clean and safe to eat. Having high standards for cleanliness and safety starts with fresh and well-stored food. Always check expiry dates. Food handling must also be top notched. And do not forget, maintain your shop’s cleanliness too.

5. Have a signature dish, but menus should also evolve

Croissant sandwich with ham, cheese and tomatoes on wooden cutting board

A signature dish will be your main identifier. It should be your best creation, your top attraction. It should be what customers always look for when they buy.

However, having a menu that changes every now and then keeps the palates interested too. Spice up your offerings so customers will not get bored with the same food items every day.

6. Determine your competitors

Knowing your competitors will allow you to refocus and find ways to either beat the competition or offer a unique brand. Compare prices and offerings. See if they have discount deals and specials, anything to attract customers. Study their approach and learn from them.

7. Try other special services

A sandwich shop that delivers orders can be great too. Or you can also try an app-based ordering system.

Both make buying easier and quicker. Special services do make customers feel that they are special. If they see you are working double time to improve services, they feel that commitment to serve good food and offer quality service.

A sandwich shop seems easy to put up and manage. But like any other food shops, the varying tastes and preferences of customers will remain the biggest challenges to overcome. But if you know who you serve, you will know what to serve.

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