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Rain Gutters: When It Is Time You Upgraded Them

Properly installed rain gutters protect your home from mold and other effects of water damage. They also protect your home from landscape erosion. While they last for several decades, they sometimes become worn-out due to age and lack of maintenance. Homeowners ought to watch out for their gutters to ensure that they are draining rainwater away from the walls.

However, sometimes gutters fail to perform adequately, which calls for an upgrade project. Faulty drains damage your interior walls, landscaping, roof, and driveway. These reasons indicate that it is time you thought about upgrading the rain gutters in your home in Utah:

Eroded landscape

Dips and soil erosion in your landscape result from water flow. Clogged gutters can pummel rainwater toward the lawn and knock over shrubs or flowers. Landscaping is not a cheap project, and you want to preserve it. One of the best ways to protect your lawn is by replacing or upgrading your existing gutters so that water does not knock over plants or cause soil erosion.

Pest invasion

The last thing you want in your home is pests and mosquitoes. Therefore, if you have recently noticed an increase in pests and mosquitoes in your home, then you need to consider upgrading your gutter system. Standing water on gutters encourages the breeding of mosquitoes and encourages other pests.

Rotting fascia

Fascia offers the finishing touch to your home. One of the best ways to give your home the finished look is by installing rain gutters. Also, the fascia creates a surface along the roof edges and covers the rafter ends. It creates a barrier against precipitation, which protects your house. Therefore, if your gutters are not preventing rotting fascia, it is time you upgraded or replaced them with ones that can do the job.


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Usually, you can use a sealant to fix rust spots, cracks, and holes, but it is not enough if the damage is severe. Sometimes the cracks are not noticeable unless you clear out the debris on the roof. After that, you can run water through the gutters to know if your channels have cracks or not. If you notice that a large part of your gutters is leaking, you should consider a replacement. Also, sagging, bending, or bowing gutters are signs that they need an upgrade.

Standing water

One of the indications that your gutters require an upgrade is standing water. Standing water not only damages your gutters but also poses a health risk because it serves as a breeding site for bacteria and mosquitoes. Your gutter system needs an upgrade if you notice a pool of water near the downspout.  You need to hire a technician to replace the gutters as soon as possible before it affects the foundation.

The solution to leaky gutters is a simple repair or an upgrade. You need to upgrade your gutter system whenever you notice the signs listed above. Whichever the option, it is vital to let a technician install or replace your gutters to ensure professionalism and for your home safety.

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