9 Traditional-Style Home Decor Ideas

There’s a reason why traditional style is making a comeback — it’s the perfect balance of stuffy formality and welcoming comfort. It’s not too formal, but it also isn’t so informal that you feel like you’re in your own home. It has an old-fashioned vibe with modern amenities, which is perfect for those who are tired of the same old design trends!

Traditional style decorating means different things to different people. To some, it means floral patterns on curtains or couches; to others, it could be dark colors with light trimming or even just clean lines. Traditional style can look quite contemporary when done right!

We’ll take a look at some common traditional-style home decor ideas below…

1. In Your Living Room

Modern coffee tables are sleek and clean, not to mention low-slung, but you may find yourself missing the extra height of a traditional table — this is why coffee tables with storage drawers have become all the rage. You can use a coffee table that has two or three drawers for storing many household items, including remote controls, batteries, coasters, remotes, blankets, magazines, and more.

2. In Your Kitchen

In kitchens as well as dining rooms and other areas where there’s a lot of moving around going on, consider using rugs instead of tile flooring to keep your feet from getting cold during the winter months.

3. In Your Bedroom

Thinking of adding a little tradition to your bedroom? Layer your bed in thick comforters and fluffy pillows to create the coziest of atmospheres! If you’re still not satisfied, use traditional-style window treatments, such as heavy curtains or drapes that are held open with tiebacks, for that final touch.

4. On Your Walls

Consider adding a layer of walls using height-enhancing wainscoting on the lower portion of your walls to make rooms feel more enclosed and cozy — these can be painted in lighter colors if you don’t want them dark! You’ll also find many people who choose path opt for traditional crown molding as well.

5. In Your Bathroom

If you’re looking to turn your bathroom into a more traditional-style room, consider painting it in lighter colors and adding large wall mirrors and traditional-style mirror hangings or other decorative pieces — doorknobs and towel racks don’t have to be plain! You’ll also find that many people choose their shower heads based on height these days; if you need help to select one, check out our Headline News article on the best shower heads for low water pressure!

6. For The Front Door

Some people prefer a more contemporary exterior to their homes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a traditional-style front door! It’s all about the color and material — try painting your new wooden front door in a lighter shade of brown or gray, and pick a new iron doorknob or knocker for it! Looking for something better, get barn doors for your exterior — they are a stylish and modern alternative to traditional-style front doors!

7. In Your Basement & Garage

Your basement and garage don’t have to be dreary, dank spaces — they can actually be quite inviting places if you use traditional-style furniture in them! For instance, instead of using stand-alone storage units that are supposed to blend into the background, why not embellish your walls with floating shelves or paintings? You could also install matching barn door hardware on the wall so you can open up your storage space when needed.

8. In Your Garden


If you have a backyard, consider adding traditional-style gazebos and other architectural features outside for an unexpected design twist! If you’re looking to add some comfort to outdoor spaces, look no further than patio seating traditional-style seating with throw pillows or even wicker furniture.

9. In Your Backyard

If you already have a backyard, think about your outdoor decor — do you want to make it a little more traditional? Try adding a gazebo or other type of roofed structure for shade and comfort while making your garden look better at the same time. You could also add some wicker furniture with throw pillows for a traditional touch.

Tons of traditional-style home decor ideas are available to you, no matter what your budget may be. The traditional style is making a comeback in the interior design world and can serve as inspiration for any room or space.

If you’re looking to make an expensive purchase like furniture, ensure it’s still authentic by buying from trusted sources who specialize in this type of product; they’ll know which pieces will last well into the future without falling apart! Consider using these nine traditional-style home decor ideas when renovating your own house — there’s something here for everyone!

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