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Exploring the Trend of Hidden Home Appliances

The latest trend in home design is to use hidden appliances. It’s not enough to have a TV mounted on your wall, these days. Nowadays, homeowners are looking for ways to hide their televisions and other home theater equipment in order to make the space feel more open, clean, and sophisticated. These articles will explore some of the popular hidden home appliances that are quickly becoming a standard in modern design!

1. Hidden televisions

When it comes to hidden home appliances, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a hidden television. For years, homeowners have used bulky wooden cabinets or entertainment centers to house their televisions and hide the cords and cables. This sleek design has fallen out of style as homeowners want to modernize their homes with clean lines and minimalist design. Hidden televisions are quickly becoming the latest trend in home theater design.

2. Hidden HVAC systems

Many homeowners don’t realize that they can also hide their HVAC systems in order to make the space feel more open, clean, and modern. You won’t see your typical metal box or furnace vent; instead, you’ll find sleek panels that look like part of the wall. Home designers work with professional furnace installers to make this happen without obstructing the venting functionality.

3. Hidden microwaves

Microwaves might not be anything special, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be hidden! Microwaves and other appliances can take away from the clean and sophisticated look of your kitchen — especially if it’s displayed on the countertop. Hidden microwaves are a great space-saving option for small kitchens.

4. Hidden speakers

Wireless speakers have made it easy to place audio equipment wherever you’d like without the need for messy wiring. Many homeowners are opting to install wireless audio equipment in their bathrooms, bedrooms, and any other home spaces where they’d like music or additional audio systems.

5. Hidden laundry machines

Hidden laundry machines in the home aren’t exactly a new concept, but they help you hide your laundry equipment so that it looks like part of the design. Laundry rooms can be cluttered and busy with all sorts of appliances and cabinets — including the washer and dryer. Mix up your typical cabinet layout by hiding your appliances and opting for a more modern look!

6. Hidden sinks

If you have an open kitchen, hidden sinks can be a great way to make the space feel larger. These are most ideal for smaller kitchens without much counter space to spare. If your sink is tucked away behind cabinets or doubles as countertop, there’s no need to buy an additional large sink that will take up valuable real estate in the room. Some celebrities are known to use this kind of sink.

7. Invisible refrigerators

New innovations in appliance manufacturing allow homeowners to put refrigerators inside of other cabinets. Buyers can also purchase refrigerators that are designed to look like part of the cabinetry, even though they’re actually fully functional appliances. These work fine in modern homes that opt for a minimalist design.

8. Slide-out pantry doors

Sliding pantry doors are a space-saving trick to make the room feel larger and more open. Instead of reaching into a cramped pantry for your canned goods, you can slide open the door and pull them out effortlessly. These types of cabinets also allow homeowners to store more items inside the pantry without it feeling cluttered.

9. Hidden coffee makers

Coffee lovers can rejoice about hidden coffee makers! Many homeowners are opting to buy built-in coffee makers that are designed to look like part of the cabinetry — even if it’s just a cabinet door with an embedded coffee machine.

10. Murphy beds and hidden furniture

One great space-saving trick for smaller bedrooms is to use a Murphy bed or other types of hidden furniture. From couches to desks and even living room spaces, there are plenty of hidden furniture options available on the market today that home designers use to optimize homes. Some homeowners might be hesitant to use hidden appliances in the kitchen, but they’re a great way to make a small room feel more open.

11. Invisible shelves

You can also install shelves without making them look bulky or taking up too much visual space. Invisible shelves are a great way to display items in your living room, kitchen, bedroom — really any home space! These thin metal shelves are installed directly into the wall so that you can enjoy extra storage space without having cabinets overtake the entire area.

Hidden appliances or cabinets aren’t going to completely transform your home, but they can help you make a small space feel a bit bigger and cleaner. The next time you’re looking for ways to improve your small space, consider adding a few hidden appliances or cabinets for a modern appeal.

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