Colorful Houses in aerial view in Baguio City

What it’s Like to Live in Baguio City

Baguio City is one of the Philippines’ most popular tourist destinations. It majestically sits in the Cordillera mountain range some 5,050 feet above sea level. The city boasts of a kind of weather that is cooler than most parts of the country, and it is dubbed as the City of Pines and the country’s Summer Capital.

Due to its beauty and unique location, Baguio attracts thousands of locals and foreign visitors each year. With the steady growth of its tourism industry, more and more real estate investors, businesses, and individuals also wish to be part of this place.

A lot of people have already decided to settle in Baguio. Most of them started out as visitors and ended up loving the place so much that they chose to stay for good. What is it really like to live in Baguio, you ask? Here are some of the best things that will make you look for a piece of land for sale in Baguio right away.

Perfect Weather

One of Baguio’s best assets is its wonderful weather that is classified as a subtropical highland climate. Thanks to its high elevation, Baguio serves as a cool refuge in the middle of a highly tropical nation. Temperature is eight degrees Celsius lower than the country’s average temperature. During the late and early months of the year, the temperature can reach as low as 15 degrees Celsius.

You can expect thick fog among the pine trees greeting you in the morning and the cold, mountain breeze brushing your face in the late afternoon. Even when it’s sunny, you can enjoy the cool ambience in and around the city proper and its beautiful parks.

Bustling City Life

Looking down Baguio, Philippines

Baguio also offers different business and employment opportunities. Its progressive economy continues to bring in corporations—big and small—to be part of the bustling city that is also rich in beauty and tradition. The city’s business district is a mix of small and medium enterprises, hotels, and startups that are in close proximity to vegetable and flower farms and landscaped parks.

The local market is not only a feast of sights and sounds but also a measure of the rich commerce in the place. Markets are filled with locally made goods and locally raised produce. There is also a colorful art scene in Baguio. There are a lot of local and foreign artists who either display their works in galleries or sell them on the streets. From ethnic sculptures to paintings and handicrafts, you can find almost every type of art in Baguio.

These are only some of the reasons more and more people are becoming interested in living or investing in Baguio. Real estate properties come in all shapes and sizes. This means that you have plenty of choices. Whether you are a young artist looking for a place to reside or someone who wants to expand his business in this lively city, you can find an ideal property to start your endeavor with.

Baguio is truly a gem that mixes beauty and value. Other than being a world-class vacation spot, it has also earned a reputation as a fast-rising living and investment destination.

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