Customize More Stuff with Lasers

Laser engraving is the new standard in advanced customization. It can create more complex graphics using more materials as a base. Rotary machines are limited by the shape, rigidity, and fragility of a given material — problems that rarely exist when using lasers.

Engrave on Different Surfaces

Curved surfaces and uneven, undulating surfaces pose no problems for laser engraving machines. Laser engraving relies on targeted bursts of heat in a given matrix, so there is more or less the same effect for flat surfaces and uneven surfaces. Mugs can easily be customized with little to no adjustments, and even spherical objects require very little work. This allows you to customize any trinket your client can think of whether is a tube, sphere, polyhedron, or any other uneven surface.

Etch Photos and Complex Imageries

Laser Engraving Procedure

Laser engravers overwhelmingly surpass rotary machines when it comes to the ability to create detail and complexity. By using bitmaps instead of vectors, laser engravers can seemingly print an image into the surface of the base material. Laser engravers work similar to printers — with a laser head moving back and forth using bursts of energy instead of ink. Depending on the material, lasers will either darken or lighten the surface to create the image. Like a printer, a laser head can take multiple passes to create depth and contrast. This allows laser engravers to etch photo-quality images, but with a seemingly black and white filter. Company logos, intricate designs, portraits, and even scenery can be transferred from a photo or a saved image into the chosen medium. Laser engravers require very little skill to use. Just grab the image from a scanned photo, the Internet, or a data file and print — almost exactly like using a printer.

Engrave on Fragile or Hard Materials

Lasers do minimal damage and create almost zero stress when engraving on any given material. You can use it on delicate surfaces like thin glass or hard surfaces like metal and stone. Soft materials that are almost impossible to work with using a rotary machine like denim, canvas, and leather can easily be marked and customized. The versatility of laser engravers and the wide range of materials it can customize gives you more freedom to accept any project your clients may envision. Wineglasses can easily be engraved with the photo of the bride and groom to be used as a souvenir for wedding guests. Bags, leather accessories and even jeans can be made to be a little more interesting. If you have connections with a local mortuary, you can also create custom tombstones that depict the image of the deceased. In fact, if you make several connections with mortuaries — you can devote most of your time just creating custom tombstones, and it can prop your business indefinitely.

Laser engravers will allow you to take your business into a whole new level of customization. Get the word out, make those connections, and give your potential clients a clear idea of what laser engraving is capable of.

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