Why is Utah a Good Place to Live?

Utah is a fantastic place to live, especially in certain areas like Salt Lake City and South Jordan’s Daybreak. But before you buy a home for sale in Utah, read why this state is a great place to live.

For starters, Utah’s got an expanding TRAX system, amazing dining options, and fantastic slopes. But here are some other reasons Utah’s an excellent place to grow your family or spend your retirement years.

Folks in Utah are Smart

In Utah, you will find the two of the country’s smartest cities, Salt Lake City and Provo. By the smartest, we mean the most educated. Provo ranked as the 4th most educated in the country, out of 150 of the US’ largest metropolitan areas. Salt Lake City, on the other hand, came in at 36.

Provo impresses the country and the world by having the 4th highest percentage in high school diplomas. It ranks 2nd when it comes to partial college or associate degrees.

The Job Market is Strong

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Like how education in Utah is strong, the job market in the state is also pretty strong. Compared to the nation, Utah has the lowest unemployment rate. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this, along with the fact that Logan ranks 6th in terms of employment in metropolitan areas in the country. Many other Utah cities are also included in the top places in the country that offer ample career opportunities.

Additionally, Salt Lake City ranks 2nd in the US for careers related to small businesses. Further, Salt Lake City is the 13th best place where individuals can start their thriving careers.

Livability is Fantastic

If you’re looking for a balance in terms of livability, you’ll enjoy Utah for sure. This state is home to both amazing small towns and vibrant downtowns. You will also find plenty of historical buildings, convention centers, festivals, stores, and robust art communities across the state. The state isn’t also short of nature parks and outdoor places you and your family can visit on weekends or holidays.

Utah People are Good with Money

Financial responsibility? You’ll find it right here in Utah. Salt Lake City ranks in the top 20 percent among US cities and towns in terms of financial responsibility. Out of the 150 biggest US cities, Salt Lake City ranks 29th in terms of employment and income, economic mobility, commute time, house prices, physical and emotional wellbeing, and credit scores.

While Utah seems to be a fantastic state to live, Provo and Salt Lake City appear to be the best shining stars. In terms of livability, Prove ranked 35th, and Salt Lake City ended up in the 18th spot. If that’s not enough to convince you that Utah is a great place to live, you’ll probably enjoy the fact that Salt Lake City is also the 19th best in terms of places to retire. All around, Utah seems to have great places — from the small towns to the metro areas. If you’re still not sure it’s a good place to be, why don’t you pay a visit?

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