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Product Improvements: How To Make Them Happen

A new product or service almost always makes a splash in the market. People like new things and if they find it a great product, they will often be willing to buy it. But once the newness fades away, the question of how to keep customers buying is important.

Like Apple and other major businesses, offering updated products and services should be part of your operational strategy. Here is how you can keep your product up-to-date and attractive to your customers:

Always Get Their Feedback

Before making any changes, you need to know what changes to make. This is why you should get some feedback from your customers. Thanks to the internet, this is much easier nowadays.

For example, there are several companies that offer online survey panel servicesout there that would allow you to set up online surveys for your products. Send customers and buyers an e-mail with a link to your surveys and offer coupons or discounts as rewards for answering. Don’t stop at surveys either. Send out people to talk to buyers with specific questions.

There are several things that you need to find out. One is what attracted the buyers originally to your product. Another thing to find out is what do they think is lacking with the product. Finally, you should ask what customers want to see in the future with your offerings.

Do Some Brainstorming

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The feedback is only one part of it. You should look at your product and evaluate it. Then start listing down potential improvements that you can make. This should be more of a collaborative process. You will have your ideas, then you can use the feedback from your customers. You should also consider input from your employees. The more ideas that you have, the more choices you have for improvement.

With the list in hand, you should then consider each improvement. Project how much it will cost and what needs to be done to make it a reality. Think of it as a way to check out which changes would be possible and whether they would be worth the investment.

Improve the Design

Besides additional features, you should try to make your products look better. Think of Apple and other companies that developed versions of their products that were sleeker and more attractive than the older models. Though many products focus on how well they work, in some markets, if they look good, then they sell better than the competition. Think about how to package your products so that they catch people’s eyes on the store shelves.

Make the Services Around Your Product Better

Don’t only focus on your product. You should also improve your customer service operations. Great customer service can ensure that your customers will stay loyal. You need to be able to answer customer complaints and concerns as quickly as possible. Work with your people to create a customer response plan so that your customers will walk away happy.

The market is always changing and your competitors will always be looking for an advantage. Keeping up with them and changing your offerings to match market needs and desires is always a good move. The survival of your business depends on how well you adapt, so take all the necessary steps to keep your products fresh and attractive.

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